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In addition to radon testing, many companies provide other services such as home inspection. Click on the links below to find a list of radon testers who also provide that service.

Home Inspection Mold
Many radon testers also are home inspectors, which can be handy for real estate transactions. Click here for a home inspector Mold is another potential indoor air quality concern that can lead to respiratory issues. Click here for mold testers.
Click here for mold remediation.
Lead Asbestos
Lead poisoning is a serious problem that can come from deteriorating lead paint, plumbing, even from the soil outside.
Click here for lead testers.
Click here for lead remediation
Asbestos is a material that was found to be useful in all sorts of things years ago, but has since been discovered to be dangerous and the cause of various lung diseases.
Click here for asbestos testers.
Click here for asbestos remediation
Commercial Radon Testing Phase 1 Property Inspection
Not all radon testers test commercial buildings. Click here for a list of companies who test commercial properties. Click here for Phase 1 Property Inspectors